Perfecting the Fine Art of Parisian Chic?

There have a been a number of books and articles written about Parisian style – specifically how the decidedly un-Gallic can achieve it.

In general – style is a difficult thing to imitate, as it rarely rings true when forced. So the idea that anyone can just pick up a new image and make it believable in ten easy steps is somewhat unrealistic. It’s a novelty topic for fashion-minded consumers.

But that said, there is no reason that you can’t perk up your own personal style with some inspiration from others. Mix things up a little. And if you find that these new affectations are really working for you – enhancing your own look – then your style may in fact, evolve in that direction.

So instead of trying to adhere to a set of rules for a desired outcome, these tips and tricks sources should be approached as an a la carte menu of options.

Here is a fun list from Inès de la Fressange (author of Parisian Chic) in the current issue of Lonny (with Caitlin McGauley’s adorable illustrations!):

Simple, affordable and open to interpretation. It challenges you to be creative with your choices and put your own spin on the offhand irreverence that the French are known for in their own everyday style.

I could totally do that.

Images via The Sartorialist, illustrated list via Lonny.

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