Did you Like Natalie’s Tassel Earrings?

I thought they were an elegant alternative to the usual sparklers that are borrowed for the red carpet. Not that I have any problem with the sparkle mind you!

I recently bookmarked an online jewelry shop, A Little Hamster, that works with pretty silk tassel details.

Obviously not the same kind of tassel that Natalie paired with her Rodarte gown…but if you’re looking for that, there are now TONS of DIY posts floating around online.

Personally? I’m wishing – for the very first time in my life – that I was an accountant. Why? To best pull off that adorable abacus (fifth pic down) of course! See more pretties HERE.

First image via Blame it on the Boogie.

One thought on “Did you Like Natalie’s Tassel Earrings?

  1. Karen

    I saw a bunch of DIYs as well – a great idea if you admired that look. I personally am not crazy about tassels as earrings, but I have a leather one as my keychain! (in Kate Spade green, of course…)


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