Interiors on the Runway

Yesterday, I posted some amazing images that I pulled from Miss Moss. All of which were inspired by fashion designer, Mary Katrantzou.

When I followed Diane’s links to see the original collection, I read reviews referencing how her Spring/Summer 2011 collection (titled C’est Ci Nes Pas Une Chambre or This Is Not A Room) would be a hard act to follow. So of course I had to check that out as well.

And I’ve never seen anything quite like it. She actually used depictions of interiors as prints on her textiles. Here are several of the designs, each with close ups of the room scenes and accessories:

Pretty cool. But probably not all that wearable for everyday life. At least not for me. But I can definitely see many of these looks (some with a few revisions) on socialites and celebrities who like to make fashion headlines.

What do you think? Lovely, innovative or weird? Or all of the above?

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