Jacaranda Color

I just discovered a lovely blog, Lilly’s Notebook. One of the first posts I read featured gorgeous pictures of otomi fabrics from an online store: Jacaranda.

Drawing inspiration from the jacaranda tree as “a reminder of nature’s perfect design,” this company champions natural and handmade goods by importing unique, indigenous items from Mexico, Central and South America.

My favorites were the pillows…

…ceramic plates…

…and of course, the textiles:

And wouldn’t it be fun to frame some of these swatches?

Then on the blog (which only has a few entries at the moment), I found this fantastic before and after of a reupholstered chair:

Love it!

They hope that as the jacaranda tree’s falling petals leave “their design imprinted on the world,” their own products will leave their own imprint in our homes.

See more HERE.

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