Okay – so maybe it’s kind of cute…

On Tuesday, Oliver got off the bus missing – you guessed it – a front tooth.

He looks pretty adorable:

Of course we have no idea what happened to the tooth since he won’t actually pull them out himself. He lets them literally fall out of his mouth. It’s quite possible that he swallowed it during lunch. The only reason that we were able to retrieve the first tooth to fall out was that Chris was standing next to Oliver when it hit the floor. HE was the one to say, “hey Oliver – is that your tooth?!” No such luck at school. The tooth fairy got a note.

Even if he does look sweet with his new pumpkin face – it still hurts my heart a little…

I’m leaving today for Phoenix and won’t be back until Sunday night. I’m going to my sister in law’s baby shower ALONE. As in I-can-sleep-on-the flight-alone. Torn between grinning and pouting…While I love my alone time, I will miss those little boogers.

Anyway – no posting until Monday – so have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Okay – so maybe it’s kind of cute…

  1. Style Key West

    He IS adorable. He looks so different, face thinner, actually a lot more like George.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip. I will miss you. But you deserve a break. Enjoy the rest!

  2. Jill

    Love the look without teeth! We have lots of gap toothed smiles over here too!

    And have a GREAT time away … oh to have no responsibilities in the morning would make my week! Make that month!

    BTW – hi friend … long time that I've been away. Hope you're doing great!!

  3. jane

    oliver looks adorable! have a great trip! i don´t know what it is about planes the minute they take off, i´m out.
    now i want my verification word to be poopsid.

  4. Loukia

    It's so sad when they lose their little baby teeth, seriously. I was a sobbing mess when my oldest son lost his first baby tooth! He now has 2 missing top teeth and 2 missing bottom teeth, although the 2 bottom teeth are growing in super fast. So cute, the picture of your son!
    And I hope you had a nice time away, even though I know you miss your kids. Me too. So hard to leave them, but it's good for us, too. Don't even get me started about the stress I'm having for going to BlogHer again – and staying 3 nights this time! (Are you going to BlogHer? Say yes!)

  5. katie t

    have fun…SO MUCH fun!!!

    and the tooth? there was a family joke about swallowing teeth or pennies as a child…

    "for the next few days after "this event", when you need to go #2, listen for a "clink" in the toilet because that's where they usually end up."

    yeah. i know. i just took it down one level but i couldn't help but share :)


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