Julia Denos and Audrey Hepburn

Have you heard about the children’s book, Just Being Audrey?

I looked up the illustrator, Julia Denos and I LOVE her work. Just those few images really capture the character and spirit of the iconic film star.

Apparently the book follows her life from Nazi-occupied Europe through her years as an Ambassador for UNICEF.

I would love to buy this book for my own little girl (okay – it would really be for me). And I fully intend to keep an eye out for more Julia Denos illustrations. First step? Follow her blog, The Cinnamon Rabbit.

I’m skipping town early for a long weekend in sunny (or apparently rainy) AZ. So I’ll see you next week!

2 thoughts on “Julia Denos and Audrey Hepburn

  1. Karen

    I don't even have kids and I kind of want this book! Thanks for giving me a solid baby shower gift idea…

    Have fun on your short vacation!


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