Needful Things: Gadabout Note Cards

Months ago, I put the Gadabout link in my “check it out” list and I’m only just, well, checking it out.

In one of those “finally – someone who gets me” moments, I found myself pouring over every lovely illustration on the site (didn’t let myself click on the blog tab for fear of losing all sense of time).

I have often talked about my love of treasured things reflected in art form, and the Gadabout stationery line wholly embodies this predilection. Each illustration is a little gem of rich detail conveyed through simple elegance. I wouldn’t even know which one to choose… But here are a few of my favorites:

Okay – so that was more than a few. But seriously – how can you possibly just pick one!? Add this to the wish list…as well as the list of reasons that I should have worked harder on my penmanship back in grade school…

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