Needful Things: Tiffany Leather

Have you had a chance to peruse the new leather line at Tiffany & Co. yet? Since I don’t live in NYC, I’m limited to online views, but I’m in a full swoon over the loveliness.

Not a flashy logo in sight. No studs or millions of zippers. It’s sophisticated elegance all the way, thanks to the direction of Richard Lambertson and John Truex.

My favorites include these killer clutches (someday they’ll be heirlooms…that justifies the expense right?)…

…ladies who lunch purses…

…the slouchy hobo…

…and this reversible tote that practically brings tears to my eyes:

I wouldn’t kick the black suede/metallic leather version out of bed either:

You think I’m kidding?

While there aren’t any rainbow T&Co. patterns to be found, label whores will be gratified by the signature Tiffany blue lining and engraved clasps.

Since I tend to gravitate toward “pretty” as opposed to edgy, this line is right up my alley. So if any wealthy admirers out there would like to buy me a little prezzie…

I do love all things that sparkle, but if I was given free range of the flagship store today, my first stop would be leather.

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