I am in love with this linen fabric from Vervain: Papillon.

Here are a few more colorways:

The designer, Barry Dixon says, “it’s loosely based on a vintage china transferware pattern I inherited from my grandmother.” No wonder I can’t stop looking at it. Have you seen my header? I have a bit of a thing for china patterns, so this fabric combines two of my favorite things, textiles and fine china.

In fact, the first thing I thought when I saw “Papillon” was that I could design an entire room around it. And that is exactly what I did with my wedding china. I found a pattern that I loved and couldn’t live without (what – don’t ALL brides have these same down to earth priorities?) But it was a little ornate and I decided to just use it for dessert service. Then I picked a more simple, but complimentary pattern for dinner plates, etc.

So I guess I start with the details and work my way to the bigger picture from there. In short, I would be a decorator’s nightmare. You could actually ask my blog designers about that. On second thought….don’t.

One thought on “Papillon

  1. Christy

    That's so funny that you think you would be a decorators nightmare! I think indecisive peeps would be much worse to deal with!


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