Summer Ennui

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I feel like doing right now is blogging. Last week was easy because I was basically chronicling my every move for the three days I spent at BlogHer. But now that I’m back and spending my days at the pool, herding children and trying to catch up on everything I need to do before Labor Day, I’m feeling decidedly boring. Or bored. No – not really bored with my every day life…but I wouldn’t want to watch a movie about it either.

I’m taking the kids up to NJ for the weekend to stay with my aunt and then we’ll have two full weeks of daily auditory processing therapy for Oliver. While the therapy itself is only 1.5 hours, adding the hour+ commute there and back makes for a rather grueling day. And of course the twins get dragged along for the ride.

As much as I am looking forward to an end to the seemingly endless days, I do feel sad about September. No more afternoons at the pool, no more lazy mornings and no more pretending that my oldest isn’t starting KINDERGARTEN this year. With the bigger bus, and homework, and working with his IEP. Oh how I dread thinking about that IEP… AND that the twins are starting co-op preschool (meaning I’ll probably be there fifty percent of the time). Life will be busier and full of immediate responsibility.

I’ve never been good at standing on the edge. I do best just jumping in. So I think I’ll just spend the last two weeks of summer vacation with my ears plugged and my eyes closed to the impending season of “have to.” I’ll sit in the sun and watch my kids continue to teach themselves how to swim (seriously – they’re doing that) and keep meaning to get to that mountain of laundry folding tomorrow.

It won’t hurt to stay wrapped in my summer cocoon a little longer. To get to the “have to’s” later. Because tomorrow is right around the corner. It’s soon enough. And just because I can, I’ll channel a strong Southern spirit of tomorrow being “another day.”

16 thoughts on “Summer Ennui

  1. Manic Mommy

    We did nothing today. As in HRH is still in his pajamas. We don't do this often. More often than not we're all scheduled up.

    Enjoy your summer time. Embrace the fall.

  2. Pearl

    September is certainly a milestone month, isn't it? End of summer, beginning of school… End of grilling, beginning of roasting… The shorts stop coming out, the pants return.

    It's the cycle of life. :-)


  3. anymommy

    That is exactly what I'm doing. Lalalala, two more weeks what? My oldest start Kindergarten too. Maybe we can hold hands?

  4. Jill

    Ugh … so glad it's not just me. I feel like I need to go to confessional and atone my sins… for it's been one week since my last posting.

    I don't know how people can post, twitter, and Facebook all day long – clearly I just don't have it entirely in me.

    Enjoy your last few weeks of summer. Sounds like we're in the same boat – school starts here on Sept 7th.

  5. secret agent woman

    We're already back in school and since my oldest started his senior year of high school, I am keenly aware of the fleeting nature of time. Sigh.

  6. Heidi

    That's how I feel. I am right there with you. Plugging ears, making vodka lemonades and doing a whole lot of nothing.

  7. Captain Dumbass

    Having the baby this summer, we're looking forward to school and at least a few hours of kid free time around the house.

  8. Headless Mom

    We've already started school and I really wish that I'd been home for the last few days. Alas, I was in NYC with you, and wouldn't have missed that for the world. Still, a few days of prep might have helped me to not feel so frazzled now. Oh well. Bygones. Enjoy!

  9. beyondpalegal

    hey, didn't know you had to deal with an IEP…know all about that my new friend. hope the therapy goes well and your last two weeks of 'hear no fall, see no fall" is loads of fun (and not laundry!) ;)

  10. Loukia

    I don't want summer to end, either… and I'm going through the bloggy blahs, too. I feel like… I have nothing to blog about. And I hate that feeling. :(

  11. bernthis

    it's the homework that kills me. Oh and the getting up early oh and having dinner at a decent hour…I miss Summer already

  12. Anonymous

    It's a double edge sword, looking forward to some routine then again, not having routine is nice. So long, lazy days!

    I hear you when it comes to the IEP. My son just entered the 7th grade and I remember the days when we just started the preparations for it (his 1st grade). My advise is to go for all you can get in the beginning, it's harder to get services in the school system the older your child gets.
    Best Wishes!



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