Remember when I agonized over the Rennes metallic silver market bag vs. the powder blue bucket bag?

Then time passed and the blue bucket was snapped up by someone else.

THEN I did a more thorough Etsy search for a good tote and found several other options (including that original metallic silver market bag).

Then more time passed and I was still unable to commit.

THEN I got an e-mail from Rennes saying that they were having a 20-50% off sale.

So guess what I bought?

The Metallic Silver Market Bag (30% off!)

Lessons learned:
1. You almost always end up buying the first thing you like.
2. You are sometimes rewarded for laziness.
3. Rennes is having a great sale right now – check it out!

Now I just wonder if it will arrive in time for BlogHer…

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