Bagless in Northern Virginia…

Remember when I wrote this about trying to find a good neutral/metallic bag? Well – the powder blue bucket bag seems to have been purchased by someone else, so I’m no longer plagued by the decision to opt for that color rather than the silver/pewter I had in mind.

But I’m still bagless!

So I decided to do a more serious Etsy search last night to see if I could find something fabulous.

The bag that comes closest to what I had envisioned is this:

Yeah – that’s the SAME Rennes Chateau bag from the earlier post. So as far as the Etsy indies are concerned – that’s the only game in town. But I did find some others that are pretty super – even though they’re not exactly what I wanted:

The Opelle Lotus Bag
(It’s so pretty I actually want to lick it…)
Lenwood Leather’s Hobo Purse/Traveler Bag
(I think I might actually be able to fit one of my children in that…)
Feel Handmade Small Clutch
(Okay – totally impractical, but also very lickable…yum!)
(Probably a tad too unstructured for my needs, but I bet that lethah feels like buttah!)
Jenny N. Design Baby Ruche Bag
(The color is “pearl” which will probably closer to white than silver or pewter…but we may have a winner!)
Morelle Truffle Bag
(Red even! I must be drunk…)

So…what do you think? Should I take a chance on any of these beauties?

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