Crazy, I’m Crazy for Feeling So Lonely…

I’m away this week on a family vacation in CA/AZ, so I asked a few friends to send me guest posts. Some are new and some are golden oldies, but all are as fantastic as the women who wrote them.

Today, Jessica from Bern This shares one of her infamous vlogs (in fact – it’s one of my favorites). If you’ve never seen it before, enjoy! If you remember it well…watch it again because it gets funnier every time.

Welcome Jessica!

Thanks to all of my guests this week. I loved reading (and re-reading…and watching?) all of your posts!

5 thoughts on “Crazy, I’m Crazy for Feeling So Lonely…

  1. Anna See

    LOVE this! Jessica is incredible. She cracks me up— always. Happy Friday to Jessica and all of her pals.

  2. peewee

    I think that was the best vlog YET. I mean, maybe it's cuz it's early SAT am here in LA and I am still hungover from MY friday night, and the fact that I woke up and I just can't get "The Shark" (yes, I have to call him that in bed TOO) to go home already. I just HATE when they linger.

  3. secret agent woman

    Okay, given where I am in my life at this particular point, THAT IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL!

    I'm going to go join her on the ledge now.

  4. Sans Pantaloons

    Jessica is an ocean of talent, with wit, pathos, sensitivity and observational perspicuity of the highest degree.

    Jessica is also hot.


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