Guest Post: Robin from Around the Island

I’m on vacation this week and asked a few friends to fill in for me. Today’s guest is Robin from Around the Island Photography. We first met through our personal blogs (she originally started writing at Around the Island), and I’ve so enjoyed watching her photography business take off. I love it when people turn a hobby into a career – so inspiring. And I’m thrilled that she was able to do today’s guest post. She always reminds me to look for beauty in unexpected places.

Welcome (AND Happy Birthday!) Robin!

As a photographer and avid travel nut most of my consumerist fantasies tend to revolve around either travel or camera equipment – or better yet – new equipment to be used in some fabulously exotic location – but when reality sets back in again (no, we won’t be jetting off to Tahiti or Bali this year, or for that matter next year or the year after, unless my very fiscally conservative economist husband is secretly buying masses of lottery tickets without telling me – not very likely) I like to refocus and reframe a bit, reminding myself that to find joy and beauty and wonder, all I need to do is to look around me.

It’s in my child’s smile, or in the perfect petals of a single flower, or in the flight of a parrot as it wings its way by my kitchen window. It’s even better when I have my camera at hand and can quickly capture this fleeting vision to save and savor another day, bringing a smile and a feeling of peace on a day that I need them most.

The ability to share the beauty I see all around me is the driving force behind Around the Island Photography, my online store. Beauty and joy grow best when they are shared, not hidden away. My camera gives me the chance to capture and create this beauty, and then to offer it to you to bring into your own home so that it can bring a smile to your face as well.

It can be simple

It can be dramatic

It can be serene

It can even transport you to faraway lands

So what says beauty to you? How do you bring it into your home and your life?

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