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I’m away this week on a family vacation in CA/AZ, so I asked a few friends to send me guest posts. Some are new and some are golden oldies, but all are as fantastic as the women who wrote them.

Today, Heidi from Fancy Feet has honored us with a new post that utterly charmed me as pretty much everything she writes does. She’s currently working on a book about her experience as a burn victim/amputee and has been posting the most incredible pieces of the story on Fancy Feet. Heidi is one of those rare individuals who infuses everything she touches with hope, humor and courage – and I’ll be damned if I don’t get to meet her in person one day!

Welcome Heidi!

I was at my four year old son’s preschool graduation a few days ago. Little girls and boys in costumes showed off their dramatic skills they had been learning for the month of June, projecting their voices and gesturing with their hands, playing their assigned roles. Later the preschoolers walked single file in their caps with tassels to return to the stage to sing us a few songs. While they made their way to their spots a teacher read out what each child wanted to be when they grew up. Parents and grandparents that made up most of the audience laughed and clapped as potential firefighters, teachers, and doctors, who won by a landslide, filed onto the stage. There were a few lone career choices out there. My son, Benjamin, was the only one that wanted to be a spy when he grew up, but I think my favorite was one four year old boy who very much wanted to be a Person when he arrived at adulthood.

It was cute and refreshing all at once. How does one grow up to be a Person? I know it doesn’t pay much or, okay, at all. It’s no doctor. But what makes up a successful Person? I guess it hinges on how we define success.

We are survivors, sculptors, and navigators in our lives. We create, explore, define what matters to us, fail and rise again. We’re storytellers. We share, eager to talk, to make others a part of our stories, our lives. We listen. We impact our families, our communities as they in turn impact us. We do this daily. We do it over and over again. We do it without thinking we’re so used to living life this way and, yet, it’s no small feat.

We’re often ‘woken up’ to what’s going wrong with our lives. On almost every talk show, in thousands of magazine articles we’re blasted with how lacking we are. But, lately, I’ve been asking what’s going right, what is good? I’ve heard it said life is about the journey, not the destination. I have wanted so badly at times for that statement to be false. To scream, “It is about the destination! Screw the journey.” But, as I’ve discovered repeatedly, life is more about the journey with some destination on the side. The pitfalls we learn to avoid and victories we claim, the small sighing moments where we come to a conclusion or reach a part of ourselves that we thought we lost long ago. The storytelling. These moments, both small and monumental make up our lives. And they’re significant. They matter. I don’t always know where I’m going but I have learned where I’ve come from and I know who I am here and now. That has to count for something. Something big.

We have choices at our feet and years of experience on our side. We get to be travelers in our lives. Successful travelers. Persons who leave their mark reaching multiple destinations along our way. Some journeys are great and winding and long. Others are shorter and steeper. And we keep moving, we keep going. Because we can. Because of the hope of what may be.

Thanks Heidi! I love this image of us all being travelers in life…let’s check our itineraries so we can meet up along the way and compare passports.

5 thoughts on “Destination on the Side

  1. Intense Guy

    Nicely written guest post!

    Heidi is quite the writer and she always makes you think – and feel what she's saying.

    I hope the little one that wants to be a "person" knows that he is one already – and that he grows up to be a "fine person" that lives his dreams.

  2. Rachel Cotterill

    That's beautiful – it's all about the journey with me, definitely. I always seem to choose holidays that include an amount of travel (boats, trains, driving…) rather than staying still in one place, even for a couple of weeks of holiday. I'm off to check out Heidi's blog now. Thank you both :)

  3. dawn

    as a long time fan of heidi's, i can honestly say that there isn't a more thoughtful, insightful and amazing young woman than she on this earth!

  4. Christy

    I loved reading this post – and I love the journey and the destination…Heidi is such a talented writer – I always enjoy reading everything she writes. Great guest post!

  5. Live More Now

    Ahhh, Heidi! I love this, like I love all of her posts. I love love love the concept of the journey with a little destination on the side.

    And …. now I want some cake!! :)


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