A Lasting Impression

I saw this image the other day (sorry – can’t remember where):

…and I immediately grabbed a link to Timothy Whealon Interiors.

As I clicked through his portfolio images, I was struck by the subtle elegance of his work. Sure – he had plenty of brighter palettes for different clients, but it seemed like each project had traces of this timeless style and taste:

These spaces manage to be current without the risk of looking dated in a few years. I would never say his work is “traditional” but it’s so far from trendy that it would appeal to any old money maven’s design sensibilities.

With the exception of some accessorizing, these unique designs have some serious staying power. Of course, the people who can afford this level of professional decorating typically redecorate every few years…but if the market crashes again, they’re set for at least double that!

3 thoughts on “A Lasting Impression

  1. Karen

    They use such nice, soothing colors! It feels like it would be refreshing to live in a home that they've designed.


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