Sound Byte: Raising a Star

Okay – I’ve got another one. As you may have guessed from my last post, Eleanor cracks me up.

Every time she throws another gem at me, I think, “I need to write this stuff down.”

So why not. I have only one post to show for myself this week (here, that is – I have plenty going on at Wishing True and Style Key West).

Anyway – here it is. When she’s not wearing dresses, Eleanor can also be found in summer pjs covered in stars. She loves them and calls them her “star pajamas.” She’s so creative…where does she come up with this stuff?!

Well the other morning while entrenched in some early a.m. mother torture, she was wearing her star pjs and doing a little water color painting. I came over to admire her work and commented that I loved her precise, linear style.

Her response? “Yeah – I’m a star.”

I love how my kids are at an age when humility or self deprecating protests are incomprehensible. I’ll cry when that ends…

So of course, I agreed, “yes – you are a star sweetie.”

She looked pleased with herself and elaborated, “uh huh – I’m a star in my pants.”

Dream big, baby – dream big.

16 thoughts on “Sound Byte: Raising a Star

  1. Lady Mama

    True – it's a sweet stage. This is one of the great things about blogging – the recording of these moments. She is so cute!

  2. bernthis

    I hear you. I dread the time when they care so much about what their peers say. This is a very special moment in her life that I'm sad will be gone all too soon

  3. Style Key West

    She is a star! I'm not sure what the "in my pants" part means but I'm absolutely certain she's a star. And a very beautiful one at that.

  4. Anna See

    she certainly is a star!!!!

    i remember when J referred to himself as speedy jack d. a few years in he realized he was not speedy. sad.

  5. Kirsten

    My son wants to be a rockstar when he grows up. An also, he wants to be garbage man by day. Seems reasonable to me.

    I love the "in my pants" part. I hope she was wearing panties this time. :-)

  6. just making my way

    Love it – and that picture is great. Pixie is cracking me up a lot lately with the stuff she says. Part of me wishes she would stay this way forever!

  7. EatPlayLove

    my daughter's name means Star in Italian, so she's constantly reminding us that she's a star. I reinforce it 100%! I love confident girls!

  8. Denise

    "Star in my pants", somehow I think she has a different meaning than many others might. Children are so innocent, it's just precious. My nephew talks about his "F!@#Y" because he can't say Froggy. The other problem is it's actually a lizzard, but he refuses to refer to it as such. They are so funny in their innocence.

  9. Heidi

    I read this earlier and got distracted so I didn't get to comment. I love, love this. She is a star. I hope she gets to hold on to that for a long, long time.


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