Sound Byte: The Next Generation of Paris and Lindsay

I think I’ve mentioned before that my three year old daughter, Eleanor will only wear dresses…

Overheard while the Eleanor, George and Oliver were playing with a neighborhood boy outside:

Eleanor: Okay boys – I’ll be right back. I just need to put on some underwear.


17 thoughts on “Sound Byte: The Next Generation of Paris and Lindsay

  1. Heather of the EO

    I don't often laugh out loud alone in a room with my computer. But I just did.

    Also. I must peer pressure you to get back into Twitter. Because of BlogHer and also, it's fun. ;)

  2. for a different kind of girl

    So funny! The loveliest thing is she recognized the need for a pair. If only the celebrities would have that cross their mind!

  3. EatPlayLove

    when my 6yo was that age, not only would she only wear dresses, but they had to be "twirly dresses". Now she rarely wears dresses, I miss my twirly girl.

  4. Lynn

    I did just laugh out loud. And I think I snorted, just a little. She is adorable. I love how kids say exactly what's on their mind. Most of the time.


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