A Bee’s Nursery

I was just perusing the new issue of Nesting Newbies, a cute online magazine, and I found myself doing a double take.

There on pages 142-149 was Melisa’s nursery! Or more accurately, her daughter, Devon’s nursery. Melisa of the lil bee fame, won possibly one of the best giveaway prizes in the history of blog…um…giveaway prizes. Free interior decorating services!

Back in March, she featured some pictures of the final product as well as links to the designer, Michele Krantzow of Lavender & Plum and the photographer, Bentley Waters.

Here are some images from the article (as well as a few from Melisa and Michele’s sites):

Love love love the yellow paint color! But then you’d never guess that by glancing at my blog…

Now maybe I missed something…but I haven’t seen any recent posts about online magazine features on the lil bee… Anyway – it was a fun surprise and I’m so pleased for the lovely and talented Melisa that she won such a fabulous prize AND got some great press for her wonderful websites (the second of course, is her genius creation, Feather Report).

Also – am I the only one who noticed that both designer and client have unusual name spellings in which an “l” is dropped? Weird. Or maybe not weird…maybe just an exaggerated reaction that could be sign that it’s time for me to go to bed already! ‘Night.

2 thoughts on “A Bee’s Nursery

  1. The Lil Bee

    Hey Kate,
    So sweet of you to post this! Thank you so much…and, yes, Michele and I both laughed at our oddly spelled names when we first met! xo


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