Ten Things I Love About You

I love how you convince your brothers to carry your scooter up the stairs for you, because “it’s too heavy for me.”

I love how you insist on wearing dresses because “ballerinas don’t wear pants.”

I love that when you have the sniffles you say you have “sniffers.”

I love how you call your brothers, “my boys.”

I love how you always call George, “Georgie.”

I love how you want to put on makeup with me and call blush “pink cheeks.”

I love how you somehow tricked George into thinking makeup is cool.

I love how this culminated in a purchase of Tinkerbell lip gloss for both of you and a five minute video of George throwing a tantrum because he wanted his make up.

I love how the video ends with him applying it in the mirror and saying “so beautiful!

Because this will be really fun to show his friends when he’s in high school.

I love that everything that drives me crazy about you simultaneously charms me.

Because you are a charmer…

How I could I only pick ten things that I love about you when the options are infinite?



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21 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About You

  1. Carolyn...Online

    That is so precious. And now I want to see Georgie crying for his make up so he can be beautiful.

  2. Christy

    So sweet! She is adorable and I hope to see her, and you!, this summer!

    Did I miss that video on your blog? Or is not posted? If not -send me the youtube link please!!

  3. annechovie

    What a irresistable little doll!
    Thanks so much for all of your kind and supportive comments lately, Kate. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

  4. bernthis

    my dad just said to me today. she drives you nuts when she is with you but when she's w/your ex (a hole) you miss her. Typical parent

  5. for a different kind of girl

    This is so spectacular! Dang it, lady, but now I REALLY want a daughter, too! That last photo is captivating. I can imagine everything you just wrote here in that last photo!

  6. Style Key West

    This is one of the sweetest, most adorable posts you've ever done. I love her calling her brothers "her boys" and can she ever manipulate them!! I love that little Ballerina/Princess cutie too!

  7. Lessons in Life and Light

    She really is SO CUTE. I love all the things you love about her. They're adorable.


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