The Island of Misfit Toys

I’m over at DC Metro Moms today writing about something very close to my heart. Please read it even though it’s a bit long (of course it is – I wrote it!) and comment if you have your own story to share, a different perspective to present, or even if you only have time for a quick “so-and-so was here.”

The Island of Misfit Toys

Parenting is hard, and with school starting for Oliver this week, I’m in a very “we’re all in this together” frame of mind…

10 thoughts on “The Island of Misfit Toys

  1. Christy

    That was an amazing post Kate – breathtaking, really.

    Hope the first day of school goes well for Oliver! And hope to see you soon!

  2. Jo

    Amazing post, Kate. So sensitive and heartwrenching. As part of this intrepid family I never lose faith. Oliver is so wonderful and you are the most wonderful mother and daughter in the world. Everything will be fine. We may not know what fine may look like but I have faith that all will be fine. I love you all soooo much.

  3. Margo

    your post is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it. It's the kind of piece that many people can relate to, even if their life challenges are different from yours.I can tell you are a fabulous mother and friend :)

  4. disa



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