Guest Post: "Age" by Chris from Csquaredplus3

I met today’s Summer Hiatus guest through Chris lives in Utah, has three boys and the flattest stomach I’ve ever seen on a mom (don’t hate her – she earns it by working out daily). Her blog is called Csquaredplus3 because she and her husband are both named Chris (and of course – the three sons).

When I first started reading Csquaredplus3, I was immediately struck by Chris’ ability to mix both funny and sad, joyous and poignant, irreverent and serious. I truly enjoy her writing regardless of topic. Two recent posts that I loved are Secret Lovers (a title she regrets since everyone who reads it instantly gets the old 80s song stuck in their head) and The Damn Scam.

More often than not, I find myself nodding as I read Chris’ blog and saying, “me too!” And her guest post doesn’t disappoint.

Welcome Chris!


As a child, my parents socialized with their friends, not the parents of my friends. I remember meeting kids when Mom and Dad took us to an adult get-together where the invitation was extended to the children too. My parents eased our anxiety about the unknown [who will we play with?] with promises of, “There will be kids your age. You’ll have fun.”

Sometimes there were kids our age, sometimes not. While parents had cocktails, played bridge, and visited, the kids resided in the “kids area” and awkwardly introduced ourselves, asking… “How old are you?”

Grade level and school attended were also of interest. God forbid someone’s age betrayed a grade level. Some rude kid [usually my brother Mallory/Joe] would inevitably ask, “Did you flunk, or get held back?”

I think our fascination with age never leaves us. In college I dated a boy I met in an Economics class. I assumed he was my age. On our date he told me he was 23. I was 20. He might as well have been 64. He seemed too old to be living in the dorms taking sophomore-level college courses. I chose not to date him again. [He also giggled like a girl. I couldn’t get beyond that.]

As an adult, I’m frequently asking Chris and my friends, How old do you think he/she is? How old are they? Are they our age? When I visit a new blog I’m disappointed when the blogger doesn’t reveal their age on the “About Me” page. If an age isn’t revealed, I satisfy my curiosity by searching for facts and photos that might give me an indication of the person’s age. Oh, she has a 19-year-old son and celebrated her 22nd anniversary. She’s got to be about my age… Oooh, this is a young one. Not married, he knows an awful lot about 90s kid shows. I’m thinkin’ early 20s… Look at her skin! And that chest! She’s not a day over 30 and she’s obviously never nursed a baby, or if she has, she’s had a little work…

As I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve learned that age can explain much about someone’s interests, views and priorities, but at the same time I’ve learned I can’t generalize as much as I once did. Age continues to fascinate me – I love to know a person’s age. I wish we all wore a number on our shirt, like Lavern’s “L” on Laverne and Shirley that reveals our age. I’d like that.

A couple of days ago, Toddler Child was sitting in his highchair and he said, “How old are you Mom? Are you six or nine?”

I said, “How old do you think I am?”


I’m 42 years old. How old are you?

27 thoughts on “Guest Post: "Age" by Chris from Csquaredplus3

  1. Christy

    Hi, I’m Christy and I’m 34 years old.

    I loved this post and I’ve already gone over to your blog and love it too. Yeah – a new blog to love!

    Your line — and he giggled like a girl — made me laugh out loud. I love to know people’s ages too. I recently joined a MOMS group and the first time I asked a fellow mom how she was she just gave me a weird look before she answered. So I haven’t asked anyone else, but I am dying to know. Some of them look like they’ve had work done…

  2. Chris

    Kate, you’re working too hard on your Summer Hiatus, writing all these kind and lengthy introductions! Thank you though. I’m flattered.

    BTW, my brother Mallory Joe – “Mallory” is supposed to have strikout marks. No big deal – I just don’t want to confuse people. (His name’s not really Mallory – he just acted like the Mallory on “Family Ties”, and I acted like Alex when we were kids.)

    Christy – I know. Just say, “Oops. Did I say that outloud?” Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Kate Coveny Hood

    I really like to know how old people are. This is one thing that I love about rags like Us Weekly and People. They always include ages. I find this comforting. Now, if they could just add “weight” to all of their write ups – then it would be perfect!

  4. AnastasiaSpeaks

    I have to admit that I don’t think about other people’s age that much.

    But when reading a blog I do get curious sometimes and hope that there is some clue in the ‘About Me’ section.

    Your post reminded me of a conversation I just had with some moms about the fact that a few of them were going to hold their sons back a year so that they would be more “mature” in Kindergarden. I wondered (aloud of course) if the kids might be teased at any point because they were older than the other kids in their class but none of the moms thought that would happen because kids don’t really care or ask about age. Hmmm. I’m not sure if they’re right. I’m not against holding back your child a year but it should be for the right reasons.

    I’m 37.

  5. Christy

    Kate – I’ve thought that too – height and weight. AND I’d love for them to include a summary of what said celebrities really eat in a given day. I mean, I’m sure if we all ate a scrape of grapefruit for breakfast, a lettuce leaf for lunch, etc we’d look like jen aniston. Okay – totally off topic – sorry!

  6. Chris

    Kate – I’m curious about people’s weight too. I have a teeny-tiny friend who weighs a lot. She must be solid muscle or have denser bones or something.

    Anastasia – I’ve had that thought too. Two of our sons are the oldest in their classes, but they’re not alone in being the only older child. I think because more parents are starting their children in school later, it’s not as much of an issue as it was when we were kids.

    Christy – Individual food consumption/metabolism interests me too. I’m just nosy though. :)

  7. Mama

    I am slowly finding that age doesn’t matter as much as ‘life stage.’ Now that I have a two year old I find that I connect well with other people who have small children regardless of how old the mother happens to be. The majority of my friends from college or prebaby are newlyweds or still single and so although they are ‘my age’ they no longer have a lot in common with me anymore (not that this stops us from hanging out, but it does make it harder).

    I turned 30 last week.

  8. Jo

    Very thought-provoking. Time really is fluid and the older I get the more I realize that age is just a number. I’m 64 and I can’t believe it. I just don’t feel it. Over the years I’ve had friends much older and also much younger. The only important thing is to really enjoy every day no matter how old you are. Great post!

  9. Charlotte Sometimes

    I’m 38 and I’m glad it’s not just me doing this! I love guessing peoples age in my head and then finding out if I was right.

    I also look at peoples handwriting, I find you can tell peoples rough age by the style of it.

  10. Chris

    Mama – Maturity and age are not synonymous (in my humble opinion) regardless of who’s married, gay, straight, childless, with kids, animal lover, or animal “no-can-doer”. I know what you’re talking about though.

    Jo – What a nice comment! I think you’re spot on! I have some very meaningful friendships with people significantly younger and older than me. I’m still curious how old everyone is though. ;)

    Charlotte Sometimes – So you’re saying, it’s doubtful someone in their 70s has round, loopy handwriting and dots their “i’s” with smiley faces? I think you’re on to something! Seriously though, penmanship can be revealing. Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll stick that in my arsenal of age-detection tools!

  11. Anna See

    39 1/2 over here! I agree about life stage. When I hung out w/ other moms w/ young kids, we ranged from mid 20’s-50 but we were all dealing with the same stuff every day.

    Did you see the bikini pic of Valerie Bertinelli?????? Now that makes me feel a wee bit too complacent about my saggy almost-40 yr old body. She looks amazing!

  12. we chirp

    I’m an age person too. I guess because I am 32 and my husband is nearing 40 (an age difference that would have made me shudder if I had met him before age 20). I always am guessing at age, glad to know I am not alone in this obsession.

  13. tristanjh

    My husband is twenty years older than me. That seems huge, but we are really happy and I rarely think about it. On occasion, however, someone else is happy to point it out for us. Like when I accompanied my husband to a doctor’s appointment with a new member of the practice. As he handed my husband a prescription he praised me for finally convincing my dad to see a doctor. Sometimes the source is a little closer to home. Not too long ago my five year old casually told my husband that he would miss him when he was dead. My husband responded that my son need not worry as he wasn’t planning on dying any time soon. The five-year-old replied, ‘Are you sure? Because you are REALLY old!’

  14. Rachel Cotterill

    I’m 26. I never really think about age; trying to work it out now I have friends aged between 19 and 80. And my husband is 16 years older than me.

    Oh and I weigh 65kg if anyone cares :)

  15. LadyFi

    Oh – I’m not at all interested in age… as age has nothing to do with the way people are inside. I*ve met old people who young spirits and young people who act like stuffed shirts!

    Age is just a state of mind…

  16. Henry the Dog's Mum

    I’m 44 (I hesitated at first, then did the math:) On first meeting someone I find myself briefly thinking “I wonder how old they are?” but as soon as we get talking my interest in that area normally disappears. I’m terrible at guessing ages and I never get round to asking people how old they are. I sort of stumble upon people’s ages, because they have a birthday, or someone else lets it slip. As for weight. No idea. I have a pair of jeans that I used to have when I was 23 and happy with my weight for the first time in my life. I still fit into them. I keep them for that purpose.

  17. Chris

    Anna See – I have not seen the photo of Valerie Bertinelli! I’ll have to check it out. Good for her!

    We Chirp – You’re not alone… trust me. :)

    Tristan – How are you?! You may have told me that your husband was 20 years older than you (I knew he was older), but I forgot. Funny story about the doctor!

    Rachel – I can’t instantly convert 65kg to pounds, but you’re a confident and stable woman to share. You’re a beautiful 26 year-old, 65kg woman!

    Claire – I find comfort in knowing you share my fascination. Now I fell normal. Thank you. Love, Chris

    LadyFi – I actually agree with you, BUT I’m still fascinated with age. :)

    Henry the Dog’s Mum – I can picture you doing the math in your head. Still can’t get over you celebrated your 40th when you were 39! Love it. You’re neat.

  18. Connie Weiss

    I’m 38 and a half.

    People are always surprised when I tell them and I still get carded at the liquor store occasionally.

  19. Jennifer

    I love knowing peoples ages. Lately I’ve been the youngest in my circle of friends. It’ll be interesting who I meet in this neighborhood that is my age. In the grand picture it doesn’t matter, like ‘Mama’ said. It is however very useful when sharing childhood memories. Knowing what generation their from helps understand why they like Led Zepplin over Def Lepard or Korn.
    I’m 25 and still amazed what’s happened in my life in such a short period.

  20. Deidre

    I’m 23, but when asked 17 slips off occasionally slips off the tongue.

    I’m usually the youngest. My brothers are 32 and 35 and I’ve spent a lot of time with the 30+ crowd. I try not to think about age, I sometimes have a hard time not comparing my life achievements with others.
    “were they married at 23?” “my mom had me when she was Oldest Brothers age!” “when did they write that novel?”

  21. 3 Peas in a Pod

    Great post. I’m 42. I always wonder about people’s ages on their blogs as well. So funny.

    Much love from NJ,

  22. Debbie

    I’ve been amazed at my ability to make friends with people of all ages through blogging. I get stuck on ages too.

  23. Chris

    Connie – You’re funny. “38 and a half”. I’ve seen you in person, and you look like you need to be carded! Baby face!

    Jennifer – You have endured much in your 25 years. You’re doing an amazing job, my friend.

    Deidre – You’re funny too. Maybe I’ll try letting “17 slip off my tongue” on occasion. I don’t think I could pull it off like you…

    Sue – Thank you. See! We’re the same age, therefore I’m sure we’ll be fast friends! Ha!

    Debbie – That’s one of the best things about blogging, we’re not biased by how old someone looks.

    Jannie – And I love you and your blog too. (Jannie writes and sings songs. She’s neat!)

  24. Joanie

    I’ve 42. I’ll be 43 on May 18th (mark that on your calendar, please, as I do expect a card and a gift).

    Age is a funny thing. It’s relevant and not, depending upon the situation. Like when I was 24 and dating a 42 yr old. (I don’t honestly think I could date someone that much younger than me now, but for men, it somehow works.) I thought his age was just right. Of course, it was weird a few years later when I ran into his daughter in my Lamaze class. Had this man and I stayed together, that would have been a funny story. Right? Right.

    Da Goddess

    P.S. my word verification says IOUSPA. Does this mean I owe you a spa day? LOL

  25. Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

    I am 48. I don’t think it is on my profile (?), but I wouldn’t mind having it there. It is what it is. If I were bald, I wouldn’t wear a toupee. It is what it is. But I might get Botox or a tummy tuck. It doesn’t always have to be what it is. HEE HEE!!!

    Just saying.

    Good post, Chris.


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