Friday Confession: I’m Getting Sick of Friday Confessions

It’s true – I’m having a hard time finding inspiration for these. I mean – hey, we all have stuff to confess, but how much of it is interesting or funny? And about 75% of the interesting stuff probably isn’t appropriate for recounting outside of my head, let alone on a very public blog. So I’m constantly challenged with thinking of something funny and/or interesting to confess. And seriously, how many times can I talk about what a prude I am? It’s getting a little old. So sorry Friday Confessions – I’m just not that into you (anymore).

The same goes for Materialistic Monday. I had the idea that I would feature something I want but don’t need every Monday. But the truth is, I’m not just materialistic on Mondays – it’s kind of an every day thing for me. So I don’t think I should be restricted to Mondays only. Besides – I’m kind of poor right now, so writing about things I want but don’t need is a bit depressing.

Then of course there is the fact that the alliteration thing really corny. It’s just a little too cutesy for me. I’ve never done cutesy well – so it doesn’t feel natural to have cute theme day labels on my blog. I mean, talking about how much I want a grab everything you can in 10 minutes shopping spree at J. Crew or making fun of a popular chair comes naturally…it’s just the cutesy names thing that makes me feel like an awkward Spirit Bunny.

So no more Friday Confessions or Materialistic Mondays. I’ll just confess or be materialistic whenever I feel like it. The whole idea of having these “theme” days was to give myself the excuse to keep it short twice a week. A brief paragraph about something embarrassing that happened to me and a picture of something pretty. Such a simple concept. Yet impossible for me. Case in point: the fact that I have just written four paragraphs on nothing. It’s the Seinfeld of blog posts – a post about nothing.

Apparently, I don’t do “brief.” It’s pathological. But at least its’ consistent.

15 thoughts on “Friday Confession: I’m Getting Sick of Friday Confessions

  1. Coco

    I really understand that. Plus it becomes too restrictive, too time consuming to think of something that pertains to that particular theme. Better to fly by the seat of your pants. I am just trying to find my way and what is comfortable to me. I have only been at this a few months. I guess everyone goes through transitions while blogging. I love reading your posts.


  2. Rachel Cotterill

    I have one ‘cutesy’ alliterative day, my Travel Tuesdays, which have the advantage that (a) I don’t then spend *all* my time wittering about holidays I went on a long time ago, and (b) let me set up some posts a few weeks in advance with no need to be topical. But then it’s a theme I could write about for days on end (hence (a)). If you’re trying to stick to things that aren’t working for you, there’s no point! :)

  3. Christy

    Ummm…I kind of hate theme days – especially Wordless Wednesdays. I am fairly confident that about 90% of mommy bloggers do not know what “wordless” means.

  4. nicole

    i have a fear of commitment so i can’t do the cutesy alliterative day…you’re too creative for that anyway. i promise i will get on the lunch plan, i’ve just been traveling a lot and trying to get settled and feeling sorry for myself in between ;)

  5. Debbie

    I can’t do any of those theme days regularly. My mind, and life, just don’t fit into those neat slots:)

  6. anymommy

    I agree with you and every one commenting. Every time I try to commit to one of these things, I fail.

    And, I really feel your post length thing, I find yours fine, but that’s because I can’t say ‘I didn’t post today’ without taking five paragraphs!

  7. Csquaredplus3

    I think theme days can be a place holder – provide structure – for a blogger to stay disciplined and push content on a regular basis. Something we all know can be difficult. You don’t “need” it anymore. That’s great! I assume this blog is an outlet for you – do what feels right on the days it works for you. I’m amazed by how much you accomplish working full-time outside of the home.

    You’re doing great!

  8. Heidi

    I’ve been away too long! I’ve just been catching up on your posts.

    It’s true – after a while if you have to do something you start to feel pressured and then anxiety is soon to follow. So, I say do what you want. It’s your blog. I enjoyed your seinfeldesque post.

    You’re a good writer…I’ll read anything you’ve got to say. :)

  9. Kirsten

    These things always sound like such a great idea in theory. I am having a terrible time keeping up with my Sunday’s Simple Pleasures. I’m having a terrible time keeping up with my blog for that matter.

    I love whatever you write, whatever you call it and whenever you post it. I just have to make sure I have a free half hour or so to read it. :-)

  10. domesticinnyc

    I’m feel ya. When I first started blogging (a mere 2 months ago) I set out to have Weekly Art Picks, every Wednesday. the thing is, I write about art A LOT, so what makes Wednesdays so different? But, it gives me some structure which I think I need right now.

    Way to go with liberating yourself!

  11. Gwen

    Oh – I have a confession for you! I’ve actually been meaning to blog about it. CONFESSION: I LIKE going into the bathroom after the janitor has cleaned it at 3pm every day because it smells like cheap pina coladas. Plus also – I’ve decided that the handicap stall is big enough dor a small lounge chair and table for relaxing time in the pinacoladaness. Sort of like how the doctors on Grey’s go to Derm for their downtime.

  12. The Stiletto Mom

    I can’t commit to anything to appear on a daily basis, be the day Monday or Friday. Just can’t. Welcome to the club. But…it’s freedom which leads to creativity which I know you have in droves!


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