J. Crew Longings and the Groundhog’s Cruel Prediction

Today was Groundhog Day – something that I never realize until I hear about it on the radio. I rarely give that much thought to Groundhog Day, but after the ice capades that was my life last week, I was very interested in this year’s prediction.

I am ready for Spring.

I’m always cold. I’m over sweaters. And I’m tired of looking like a sad housewife who’s finally thrown in the towel and committed to college sweatshirts as a part of her daily uniform. The only time I don’t look like I’m wearing jammies is when I go to work. And even there, I’m rotating my few turtleneck sweaters so rapidly that they will be threadbare by the end of this month.

So when I heard that that hack groundhog predicted another six weeks of winter, I felt a bit deflated. Six weeks sounds like a really long time right now. Even as I type this my fingers feel like ice and I’m hunched over like an old crone. Damn you fickle groundhog! Who died and made you boss of the Spring season?

Further feeding my cravings for warm breezes and sandals are the sun filled Spring catalogs that are delivered to my door each day. The models look so relaxed (and warm) as they frolic across those beaches and meadows… I know, I know – it was probably 30 degrees outside when they shot those layouts – but still! I want to wear flip flops and halter tops and eat ice cream on my front steps. I want to hear birds chirping when I walk out my front door. I’ll even fend off a few mosquitoes. I just want Winter to be over!

Since it seems that I’ll have to wait six more torturous weeks, I’ll have to make do with perusing catalogs of Spring clothing. And right now, I’m in love with J. Crew’s delicate colors, fabrics and detailing. Many of their featured pieces even look to be inspired by Spring flowers.

This is the first one that caught my eye:

Solid Silk Garland Cami

I’m in love with the intricate neckline of “petals.”

I want one in every color.

Then I found this gorgeous vintage inspired print:

New Hudson shell fresco-print top

It also comes in a sweet little cardigan.

Shoes even!

I would exchange one of my children for the Silk fresco gala clutch if J. Crew would let me.
Even the pieces in neutral colors evoke feelings of Spring:

At first I thought this was just a beautifully cut shirt. Then I saw a close up view of the Liberty Art fabric wildflower pattern. A simple cut + an intricate fabric = a perfect shirt for Kate’s Spring wardrobe fantasies.

I don’t even know where to start with the Crocodile cocktail jacket. The three quarter sleeves, the ruffle collar – I’m literally breathless. “Currently seeking to fill the position of Personal Fairy Godmother. Retail experience required. Ability to conjure this jacket a plus.”

Another petal detail neckline can be found on this amazing occasion dress:

Did you know that chartreuse is my signature color? Okay – not really, but I love saying “signature color.” Very Steel Magnolias.

I think I’d accessorize with this bracelet.
Sadly I don’t have any pin money for shopping at the moment and can’t even indulge in this gorgeous sale item: the Victoria ruffle cami.

It’s even available in my size which is unheard of for sale items… Sigh. It’s criminal really. Or at least a real bummer.

Why am I so poor right now? It’s just not right when there are so many Materialistic Monday worthy Spring fashions hitting the shops. Makes me feel like shaking my first and shouting, “I’ll get you Recession! And your little groundhog too.”

*Contrary to the Steel Magnolias and Wizard of Oz quotes – I am not in fact a gay man. Just wanted to clarify.

30 thoughts on “J. Crew Longings and the Groundhog’s Cruel Prediction

  1. bernthis

    We never made it to sweater weather much this year. I know you how you feel as I am from the East Coast but myself and all my fellow East Coasters actually wish it were cold as we all agree we look way better in our winter clothes.

  2. K

    I’ll get you, Recession and your little groundhog, too! I am literally rolling around laughing! I have a countdown to the first day of Spring on my calendar. I am so ready to take my boys outside to burn off some energy. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!

  3. Christy

    I can totally see you in those clothes – especially the Victoria ruffle cami. I wish I was loaded so I could buy one for you and one for me. I’ll just have to fantasize too!

  4. Ainsley

    I love J. Crew, if only I could afford it! Is it just me or has J.Crew really evolved in the past 10 years? I remember them just being chinos and cute tops back in college (or maybe that’s all I cared about). Now they are oh so chic.

  5. mel

    Oh to get back into real, non-elastic clothes again! :)

    Honestly, this is probably the first time I can remember in a VERY long time that I’ve looked forward to spring (not summer so much at all). I know it’s because of Baby though. I can’t wait to get the little booger out on hikes and bike rides…gonna be good times!

  6. Kira =]

    Sorry you're having the winter blahs. I love listening to the Eagles – Hotel California (live version) for a summer feel. Turn your heater up for a day and wear shorts & tank top and blast it while sipping fruity drinks with an umbrella in your glass. Kids might love it, too. =]

  7. A Woman Of No Importance

    Really lovely – you have such good taste and a real eye for colour, (as well as fabulous writing)! That jacket is very Chanel to me…

    Do they do those styles in ‘Warthog’ sizes?!

  8. Lexiloo

    I LOVE that first top you posted. I saw it in the catalog over the weekend and I really think I need it for happiness. Tax return is coming in…maybe a purchase?

    Oh and I think I’d like to have a signature color too!

  9. Mama

    Thank you for compiling my birthday wish list for me! I am just going to link my mother directly to this post and say: I want these things!

  10. Sal

    Seriously. I get that manufacturers want us to be “prepared” for the coming season, but it’s sheer torture to see all these floaty, springy pieces.

    BTW I’m totally willing to tell people that chartreuse is your signature color … even if it’s not.

  11. Ashley

    If it makes you feel any better, old Phil the groundhog has predicted 6 more weeks of winter like 95 times in the last 100 years. He can’t always be right. Perhaps they should try some other creature…

  12. domesticinnyc

    I feel your pain on the money-front. Every new season I drool over gorgeous clothes and accessories; I actually think it hurts me physically sometimes to not be able to gather up all the beautiful things and take them to my home where they belong, where they will be loved…

  13. wendy

    couple of things: I pulled up your blog as I just read your story in the Nie Nie book –10 Things people love to give kids… so funny, so I just wanted to tell you that. BUT, glad I found this blog , very cute. I totally want all those cloths!!!!!!!!! I want spring..as I sit here at the computer (home from work with the puke-a-rhea) and have my electirc throw blanket across my lap. Ahhh, yes , spring ….and beautiful cloths (what the #)(%^*&# does a Ground Hog know)

  14. Rachel

    I am simply dying over the gay man quote.. LOL.
    you are too much.

    Those clothes are just gorgeous! I especially love the shoes and the bracelet! YUM!

  15. Anna See

    a nice touch of spring, kate! i don’t think my arms and legs are ready to be bare, but the rest of me wants spring…now!

  16. Carolyn...Online

    Do they sell the long lean legs and tight little stomach of the J. Crew models as well? Because I could get behind a sale like that.

  17. WA

    Oh, those are nice. I was just on their website yesterday looking at the dregs in their Final Sale. But this stuff is heaven.

  18. Heather

    You need to move to California – its 70 degrees here right now – which is great except our reservoirs need water. Love the little petal neckline numbers.

    I need a signature color.

  19. AnastasiaSpeaks

    I can see that last orange one on you! It’s gorgeous.

    I’m one of the few that doesn’t hate winter. I like staying one and having an excuse not to do all the stuff I should outside.

    But a little warmer would be nice too. :)

  20. Shawn

    Pretty, pretty…

    I always make sure that Santa brings me a hefty gift card for Christmas, so that I have spring money at my favorite store, H & M. It gives me something to look forward to, and I don't have to worry what my money situation will be like!

    Its MY best idea ever.

  21. EatPlayLove

    I have not been shopping (cough, cough Budget) since December. Thanks a lot Kate, you are making my efforts to stay away difficult. So darn cute!

  22. Jo

    Just saw the melon-colored Victoria cami on Katherine Heigl in Feb. 9th issue of Us Weekly, p. 73. Can’t say I’m crazy over how she put it together. You would have done much better! Loved this post. It’s so Pretty!


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