More Shameless Self Promotion

Okay – so I just got my copy of Something Cleverish in the mail. And I have found some great new (to me) humor blogs. These people are FUNNY! So far, my biggest laughs were for a post from Heidi of Hadleyesque. Her memories of an elementary school piano composition contest are hilarious. I’m honored to have been included in this group. Seriously.

So I’m devoting Materialistic Monday to Nie Nie. Buy the book!

If you’re not familiar with this, Sue from Navel Gazing at It’s Finest had the idea of putting together a book full of funny blog posts to raise money for the NieNie Recovery fund.

And even more great news…Nie Nie is posting again. Her courage, spirit and humor are truly inspirational. I’m sure that mine were just a few of the many tears shed over her last few posts. I think that she and her family bring new meaning to the word “faith” (and I’m not even a particularly religious person…) If you’d like to start your week out with hope and love, go give her a visit.

7 thoughts on “More Shameless Self Promotion

  1. bernthis

    Wow. That’s it, just “wow” and there is nothing wrong with a little “shameless” promo for a good cause

  2. Christy

    That’s awesome that she’s back! And I am so excited for you that you’re officially published too. Go Kate! I’m buying the book now!


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