Something Cleverish

Many of you may remember the Nie Nie Auctions that were held to raise money for Stephanie Nielson and her family. These fundraisers have continued in the form of concerts, ski events and the like. Even books.

Sue from Navel Gazing at It’s Finest had the idea of putting together a book full of funny blog posts to raise money for the NieNie Recovery fund. She asked for bloggers to submit posts and I’m excited to report that one of mine made the cut!

Sue says:

“The Something Cleverish book features posts from forty-three funny bloggers – all for one great cause. We even managed to rope in a few celebrity submissions from Finslippy, Eric D. Snider, Rocks in My Dryer, Big Mama, Sweetney, Daring Young Mom, TAMN and more. (You can find a list of all of the bloggers included in the book here.)”

All proceeds go directly to the NieNie Recovery fund. Books can be purchased as either paperbacks or downloads. And if you’d like to add the button to your own site, you can pick up the html code from Sue’s post about the book.

Big thanks go to Sue for all of her work on this project. She’s one of the good ones.

11 thoughts on “Something Cleverish

  1. Jo

    Congratulations Kate!!! What a wonderful validation of your ability to touch others through your writing. let us know how to get the book.


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