Sleeping in Beauty

There isn’t much that I miss about my life before marriage. I’m content to just reminisce, and feel no need to revisit those days of staying out until dawn and wondering “if he’s going to call.” But there is one thing that I do long for with great nostalgia. One sigh-inducing memory that I will most likely carry with me for the rest of my life…the girl bedroom.

You see, I ALWAYS had a pretty bedroom. From the time I was old enough to have my own big girl bed to my years as a twenty-something, too poor to afford more than a closet that accommodated a twin-size mattress – my room was girly. I grew up with a love of delicately patterned textiles and soft colors. And I like nothing better than to sink into a cloud of down pillows. In fact, if I had to pick the one room of a house in which decor is of the utmost importance, I would choose the bedroom. And of course, my current bedroom is the ONE room in my house that ISN’T painted, ISN’T decorated, and IS generally a big mess.

It isn’t painted because we ran out of time before the twins were born (we moved into this house just three weeks before they arrived). It isn’t decorated beyond a few paintings on the walls because I don’t see the point until we actually paint the walls. And it is generally a big mess due to my husband’s inability to put his things away or get out of bed in time for me to make it in the mornings. But I won’t go into a big story about what a slob my husband is. I’ve already done that.

And not having a girl bedroom really goes beyond the decor. It’s the overall atmosphere. Now that I share a room with my husband, guy stuff can be found on every surface area and piles of newspapers and sports magazines languish in corners (until I can’t take it anymore and throw them out). When I retire for the night, I slip into bed, carefully lifting the corner of the sheets. My roommate prefers to rip the sheets out of their neatly tucked corners and kick off the bedding because it’s “too hot.” When Chris is away for work, I wake up in a bed almost as tidy as it was when I fell asleep. When he’s home, I wake up in a nest. And let’s be honest. I miss waking up in a room that smells the same as it did when I turned in for the night.

So yes – I do yearn a bit for the pretty girl rooms of my past, and I do a little drooling when I page through catalogs and magazines featuring pretty bedrooms with pretty colors and pretty objets strategically placed on the pretty dressers and side tables. But mostly I lust after pretty bedding since it’s really the cornerstone of the girl bedroom. So this week’s Materialistic Monday is devoted to images of princess worthy beds. Here are some of my current favorites:

from Anthropologie

from Pincone Hill

from Serena & Lily

from Anthropologie

from Pincone Hill

from Serena & Lily

And here is a bonus picture of the crib that I would want if I was a baby:

Okay – so one more bed-related story. Once on a business trip to Beijing (this was rare so don’t be too impressed), I had the MOST disappointing bed experience of my life. I can honestly say that I LOVE hotel beds, and most of the hotels I patronized at that time, were competing with each other for status of “best bed.” I had become accustomed to Heavenly Beds, Suite Sleepers, and the like.

After 24 hours of travel time and an arrival at what felt like 6 a.m. EST, my colleague and I were pooped. We arrived at our fabulous luxury hotel (I know – dream trip) ready to fall into bed and sleep for as long as possible. And when I walked into my bedroom, I saw exactly what I was hoping for: a big white marshmallow of a duvet with about 87 fluffy white pillows. Like a little girl, I took a running leap into the cloud-like arrangement. Only to hit what felt like a park bench. What the hell?! It was the hardest bed I’ve ever encountered in my life. I emotionally deflate just thinking about it. What a let down. And to add insult to injury, I found a listing for BED BOARDS in the hotel services brochure. I don’t think a sidewalk could be firmer than that mattress from hell. It just goes to show that there are different cultural expectations for sleeping comfort everywhere you go… Here at Chez Hood, the beds may not be girly – but they’re definitely softer than concrete.

17 thoughts on “Sleeping in Beauty

  1. Melissa

    Fortunately, Spouse and I are on the same page decorating wise. He likes to decorate, but has a minimalist approach and I call myself the “world’s darkest Swede”. And sadly, the book mess in our room? Is all mine. Terrible, I should feel bad about that…but I keep it contained on my side of the bed at least…

  2. Heather of the EO

    I think you should just make your room all pretty like the photos and restrict newspapers and magazines from the room. :) I love your taste by the way.

  3. Bobbi

    OOOH! All those beds are so pretty, It makes me want to redecorate mine.

    Hurry up and paint your walls so you can decorate your room the way you want it. Make hubby paint it to make up for making the room stink while he sleeps.

  4. AnastasiaSpeaks

    You’re so funny and girly! I, on the other hand, am probably has bad as your husband…thank goodness my husband is not far behind. Our room is filled to the brim with toys, book and cloths. I do pick up and organize once in a while but it only lasts a few hours.

    I love that you have such passion for these lovely things.

  5. Christy

    I don’t need much fluff in my bedroom. I don’t even like to use a plush quilt on the bed – a sheet will suffice.

  6. Insta-mom

    I bought a picture after I moved in with my parents that I was going to hang in my room when I moved back out. And then I met the husband and moved in with him instead. It’s never been hung, so when I dig through the closet where it’s stored I look longingly and think of the room I never decorated.

    But otherwise…nope, totally don’t miss my pre-marriage life. Except maybe the sleeping in part.

  7. Anna See

    Just reading this makes me want to slide between some cool, super-high thread count sheets. We have one set of cheap-o sheets, and one set of nice ones, so I’m very comfortable 1/2 the time.

  8. Sal

    Hee. I’ve never been a girly-bedroom girl, but I’m super picky about bed etiquette and can SO relate to the “fall asleep in a tidy bed, awake in a whirlpool of blankets” feeling. And I’m glad you’re holding onto your dreams of a gorgeously furnished and decorated sleep sanctuary. It WILL happen – even if it takes decades.

  9. Heidi

    I indulge in my love of girly things in my daughter’s bedroom. And my guest bedroom although it isn’t too girly in there, but girly enough.
    Great post!

  10. anymommy

    Mmmm. Love the pictures. I actually adore our bed at home (except for the five feet of snow outside the window), so now I’m looking forward to sleeping there again. It even looks really great, if I ever make it and put all the pillows on.

  11. Connie Weiss

    I moved into our guest room a couple weeks ago because of the snoring!

    I love our guest room. It contains my old bed from my single days, a feather bed, down comforter and 800 thread count sheets! It is heaven!

  12. solo nicole

    ahhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,i’m with you… bed looks like a tornado in the morning. in my single days i would wake up, pull the covers up to my chin…inch out and wa la, the bed was perfectly made. now i have to wipe the midnight snack crumbs off before completely stripping the covers because i can’t tell which way is up!

    p.s. i’ve missed you! i’ve had a sick baby but now she’s better…i dont know what to do with alone time!

  13. Smalltowngirl

    Oohhh I love these bedrooms…I understand what you want too….I want the same thing! My bedroom is currently host to lots of things I don’t know where to put that we have to get out soon to find room put up the crib (this is the first time crib/baby have been in our room but that is another story!)….I do long for a peaceful pretty bedroom but I am afraid it will be awhile before I get that!!! I hope you can make yours just the way you want it. It does provide such a nice refuge if you need it!!!

  14. heartatpreschool

    Ahhh, the pretty bed. How I miss it too…

    Now, I’m just happy to have my cozy flannels on during the winter. It’s the little things I guess.


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