Dolls from Inside a Black Apple

Recently, I guest posted on this blog as myself at nine years old. One thing I remember most about that time is how much I still loved my dolls. I was in the end stage of dolls being age appropriate. I didn’t actually see the change coming, but this shift wasn’t lost on me at the time. I knew that it was becoming less common for girls my age to actually “play” with them – and more and more, I had to cloak my love of dolls in the guise of being a “collector.”

Of course, as I grew up, my interests diversified. But I have always just loved dolls. I live in fear that my daughter will be a die hard tomboy and I won’t be able to live vicariously through her as she plays with her own dolls.

So for this week’s Materialistic Monday, you can just imagine how much I covet THIS:

Emily of Inside A Black Apple has long been one of my Etsy favorites. Her whimsical paintings are sweet but always with a bit of an edge. And the little characters she creates are so original and lovable. But she really won me over with her dolls. This new one is probably my favorite so far.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter…

Ohmygod it just did. I want ten please!

Sadly (for me) this one wasn’t for sale. It was made for a friend’s little girl. Kate Coveny, age nine, is currently writhing in jealously.

Here is another one that charmed me:

Seriously. A bear hat? I love it.

Even more frustrating, her wonderful dolls sell out of the shop within minutes (this seems to be a theme for my favorite Etsy stores…) So the chances of my ever getting a little blond one for my blond little girl – let alone buy one at all – are slim to none.

If I ever learn how to sew, I do have the option to make one. Check out her tutorial with Martha Stewart. Okay – since that’s never going to happen, maybe a friend will make one for me – I mean – Eleanor. So if you feel so inclined, my birthday is in April (come on – of course it’s for me!)

14 thoughts on “Dolls from Inside a Black Apple

  1. Debbie

    Those make me wish my daughter was younger so I could claim they were for her. What talent. Can you imagine working on something that small?

  2. butwhymommy

    I love the Black Apple. I have one of her prints.

    Hopefully Bunny will think that dolls are fun soon so I can get her one of them.

  3. csquaredplus3

    These are adorable. But darnit Kate! I don’t have any daughters.

    I receive American Girl catalog (I don’t know why – I’ve never requested it) and it’s like torture. I adore my boys, but one little girl would have been fun.

  4. AnastasiaSpeaks

    I loved dolls when I was little, mostly barbies and that big (girl) head/face. Remember her, you could put make up on her and braid or cut her hair? Wow, that brings back memories!

  5. Jo

    I love them! Judging by the total disinterest Eleanor had in the American Girl Babydoll last Christmas, prefering Olivers’s big wheel, you and I may have to be the ones playing dolls.

  6. K and/or K

    I have a print of the Black Apple’s called “Wolf Baby” in my kitchen and the character cheers me up all the time.

  7. Pink Ink

    I love little dress up dolls; paperdolls too. My daughters aren’t into it, so I have to out myself on this hobby :-).

    Which is okay. I probably couldn’t afford this stuff when I was nine.


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