Six Things a Woman Should Know About Herself

I’d like to welcome Anastasia from The Gift as my second virtual dinner party guest poster. See my last guest post from Kacy if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Anastasia started a blog this summer with a promise to heself to write every day. While she didn’t start out with a specific theme, her subjects have fallen into the category of women’s issues (I know – yesterday – handbags, today – women’s issues – the men in my life have decided to stop reading this blog altogether!) My friend Anastasia is at times kind of a nut, she isn’t afraid to be contraversial, she has no problem asking women to “clear the forrest” and keep their armpits to themselves, and she has even challenged the pharmeceutical world (if only on her own site) to justify their attitude that the blue pill is more important than the pink pill.

Oh! And she’s also writing a book. Thanks for visiting Anastasia!

Six Things a Woman Should Know About Herself

  1. What is your blood pressure and cholesterol? This is a no brainer. Heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women in the United States (a woman dies every minute in the U.S. from a cardiovascular event) and high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol are two significant indicators of your risk of heart disease. We need to take these two elements seriously.
  2. What is your BMI? That’s Body Mass Index and it’s important to know where you are on the scale of underweight, normal, overweight or obese. I’m not one of those people that thinks women should be a certain size to be beautiful, sexy or happy (trust me, I don’t think I’ve been in the “normal” range since high school) but it’s critical to know where you are and how this score correlates with other possible risk factors for your health.
  3. How to feel your breasts. Yes, I said it. You need to feel yourself up correctly and often. It’s so important that you know how your breasts feel on a regular basis so that you can immediately spot an abnormal lump. Early detection can save your life!
  4. What you look like down there. The Virginia Monologues went a long way to try and dispel the taboo of using the V word but I still have a hard time using it or saying it out loud. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s important for a woman to know what it looks like and feels like. I’m concerned about the health aspects more than anything (there are other reasons why you should be familiar with it but that’s for another list altogether!). If you know what it should look and feel like, you will immediately know if something is not right and will get it checked out by your doctor.
  5. Whether you have bad breath. OK, this is not life threatening but I still think it’s important. This is especially important when you first meet someone. It takes just a few minutes to make a first impression and sometimes years to dispel it. That person could have been an amazing force in your life but you’ll never know because your bad breath scared them away for good! You never forget someone with nasty breath. So I say that it’s absolutely appropriate to ask a close friend or sibling to “smell my breath” if it means avoiding the situation outlined above. Also, chronic bad breath could be an indicator of possible health issues.
  6. How you look naked from head to toe. Again, this may not save your life but it’s still important for your physical and mental well being. You have one body and one life and whatever shape or size you are, it’s good to own that body. To own that body, you should look at it, accept it and love it (OK that last one was even hard to type let alone DO but it’s something to strive for).

With that I leave you to be healthy and happy!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: November 4 we’ll hear from Jozette from Regardez Moi who writes about pretty much everything from work and travel to fashion and being a single girl in the city (that means Philly all of you NY/NJ people who assume “the city” means Manahattan – you know who you are!)

8 thoughts on “Six Things a Woman Should Know About Herself

  1. Kate Coveny Hood

    1. I’m terrible about this – I asked my doctor and she gave me some numbers and I asked her to explain the numbers and she did and then I completely forgot all of it. I’m just not a numbers person. Good reminder to ask again (and maybe write down the answer so that I can refer to it once I forget!)

    2. I think I’m normal here…but again – I need to revisit that.

    3. My high school self would turn bright red and say, “I don’t think so…” But my older, history of breast cancer in the family self is all about this one!

    4. Okay – back to turning bright red…but I know what you’re saying. I don’t know about dragging out the hand mirror, but I’ll make sure to think about this while I’m washing up in the shower.

    5. This is huge! At some point in my 20s, I started noticing that people my own age (not just old people like my parents) actually had bad breath. I have super sensitive smell – so this is a problem for me. I ask my poor husband (with totally normal breath) to go brush his teeth at least once a day. But I’m also aware of my own breath and carry mints. Just don’t offer me gum – I can’t do gum.

    6. Working on this one…always working on this one…

    Thanks again Anastasia!

  2. Ainsley

    I’ll try to… um… work on… um… some of these.

    Seriously, though, #3 hits home. I used to just ignore the advice, but like Kate, I have a history of breast cancer and take this very seriously.

  3. csquaredplus3

    These were all very interesting, and helpful (a few a little awkward as I looked over my shoulder to see if hubby or sons were reading behind me) – we’re all adults!

    Great post! Thanks and it’s nice to meet Anastasia!

  4. iMommy

    I’ve got to discourage anyone from looking to BMI as an indicator of your healthy weight – BMI has been proven over and over again as inaccurate and unrealistic.

    You’re better off knowing your body fat percentage and speaking to your doctor about what your healthy weight should be based on your own personal health factors.

  5. Christy

    What a great guest post Kate and Anastasia! Re: number 1 – umm…I don’t know either and will definitely ask next time I go to the dr. 2. Um, no comment – I just had a baby 5 weeks ago so I have time to get back to normal. 3 and 4. I’m with Kate on these ones too…I also can’t quite bring myself to say more than Virginia. hehe. and 5 – I think this is huge too! I always have mints with me and I listerine all the time! 6 – hmm – on the sound advice of my sister in law who has two kids, I am NOT doing this for quite a while (since I just gave birth!). Maybe by the New Year. Thanks for the great post again – really is food for thought!

  6. Nancy

    I wish I was given this advice on #6 before having twins – I now remember fondly what my stomach used to look like. sigh. Thanks for the reminders – it’s easy to put my needs last w/so little free time working and taking care of my boys.


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