Go Ahead and Skim to the Bottom if You’re Looking for a Point to This

I got a little caught up in life over the weekend and didn’t end up writing a post for today. Since my day job is a complete time suck and then I have this whole family life thing to prioritize (sigh), finding time to keep my blog updated is not always easy. Especially since I tend to write novels for posts. Do any of my loyal commenters actually read them – or is everyone just skimming…? Don’t answer – I probably don’t want to know.

The Friday confession thing has been convenient in that I generally have an idea of what I want to write by Thursday. So I think I’m going to bookend the week with a Monday feature as well. One that HAS to be somewhat short.

Every once in a while I see something that I really like and think, “hey I should blog about that.” But then I feel silly because I’m not a parenting advice blog (unless you’re taking a “what not to do” perspective of course), and I’m not a fashion or design blog (wearing the same five work outfits every week and decorating with hand me downs from the parents does not an expert make). No – I think that many of the blogs that I read (see my sidebar) have most of that covered.

I’ve decided that my Monday posts will now be devoted to “stuff I like.” This is wonderfully vague and can cover anything from my new shoes to an artist I found on Etsy. I probably won’t do much in the way of baby products since my mission in life is to have as few pieces of plastic in the house as possible. And those wood toys are so expensive! My children play with spatulas and the TV – and I don’t think there is much readership potential for those reviews…

So my inaugural Monday’s Stuff post (still working on that title – let me know if you have better suggestions – maybe I’ll give a prize for the one I use…) will be about something that I’ve been thinking about all week.

For those of you who decided to skim – here is the short version of the past several paragraphs: I didn’t get around to writing anything for today until now – and from now on I’m devoting my Monday post to “stuff I like.” Oh – and I may or may not give a prize to whomever renames my “Monday’s Stuff” title. Since it currently sucks – a prize is looking pretty likely.

So today? I like the community aspect of blogging. I really enjoyed the whole Nie Nie silent auction effort. I brought in over $500 in donations and actually won a lovely necklace. This is what first got me thinking about community and how it may be the foundation for why we are here. Why we’re both writing and reading what others have to say. In addition to all of the fame and money of course.

Seriously though, the fact that this diverse community pulled together to raise over $100,000 in one week for a family most did not personally know is pretty inspirational. I was honored to be a small part of that. [As a side note – you can find information on ongoing auctions etc. on the “benefit blog” page of the Nie Recovery site – AND I know that if you make a donation and e-mail your receipt to Emily of Acte Gratuit, she will mail you “Japanese treat” – from Japan, I mean.”]

Since the auctions took place, I’ve been more mindful of the general blog community support that I continue to observe. From something big like the Nie Nie fundraiser, to something small like prayers, positive thoughts, voodoo, etc. for individuals going through hard times. There are all of these virtual shoulders being offered out there – and I can’t imagine that any of it has gone unappreciated.

Just today, Neil from Citizen of the Month noted that he appreciated the condolences he received regarding a death in his family and proposed yet another community building idea:

Here’s my idea. Tell me if you think this could work. We set up some new Twitter account and call it something corny like BloggerCares, BloggerNews, or LifeEvents. Whenever one of us reads about a blogger with a big event — a death, a birth, a major surgery, a wedding — even if he is someone we don’t know personally — this information could be sent to this account, and then re-tweeted to hundreds of peoples at once, sort of a personal bloggers AP service. Then each receiver of the tweet could act however they wanted to — sending a message to this blogger acknowledging this happy or sad event, trying to be as personal as they could with someone they don’t really know, posting a comment on the person’s blog, or writing an email showing support. If it all worked well, we would be closer to a blogosphere where every blogger who needs it — can receive a few nice messages from the community, without any thought to who he is or what religious, color, political entity — or clique – he belongs to, or whether he is A-list or C-list.

How can you not love Neil? I think it’s a lovely idea. And even if nothing comes of it, the fact that people are out there having these ideas gives me the warm fuzzies. And I’ll leave it at that before breaking into a round of Kum-bye-ya. So I’ll look forward to seeing you at next week’s installment of Monday’s Stuff…when I will most likely sing the praises of my favorite shoes.

14 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Skim to the Bottom if You’re Looking for a Point to This

  1. Mike

    I like your idea about condolances and the like. There is, of course, Caring Bridge which is a site that does something similar, but that needs to be run by a family member, I believe.

  2. AnastasiaSpeaks

    I’m with Kacy…I really don’t understand it fully, yet.

    Also, I totally agree about the mom blog community. I fell so in love with this community when I started blogging in June.

  3. BananaBlueberry

    good stuff- I love the idea…
    My next book to read is a book on search engines- I need to be more connected- thanks!

  4. Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel

    I like the community part of blogging, too, but I’m struggling to keep up with posting. Coincidentally, I looked up twitter.com today, and I don’t quite understand the concept yet. I’d like someone to help me learn it. I wish I can help you with your Monday title. If I can think of domething clever later I’ll post another comment.

  5. Neil

    I received so many comments after I wrote about that Twitter idea, and n all honesty — some of the naysayers had some excellent points about it being a so-so idea in practical terms. Blogging is like a balancing act. You don’t want it to be cliquey, where you only interact with a select group. You want to care about the community as a whole. BUT — it is impossible to do care about the world without drowing. I’ve been trying to follow 600 people on Twitter, and rather than getting to know anyone really well, I get to know a lot of people superficially.

    You can say the same thing about real life friendships and cares. Sometimes it is easier to care about the injustices in a faraway country, but walk past the homeless guy down the block.

    So the question remains, what do we mean by “community?” Other people like you? Those you KNOW about? What is the best way to broaden that community without getting overwhelmed?

    I’m not really sure.

  6. Connie

    I like this idea!

    It took me several weeks to understand twitter but now I really like it. However, I have had to unfollow several people that were spreading negativity and trying to beat people over the head with their beliefs.

    But I love the chance send positive thoughts and prayers to someone that needs them.

    As for blogging. I post when I can. Spending time with my family is more important than anything and the blog will always be there….the kids will only be this age for a short time.

  7. Kate Coveny Hood

    Kacy – I am a terrible Twitterer. I mainly just check it here and there to see if anything interesting comes up – but I rarely say anything myself. I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting out of it – but since I don’t follow (and am not followed by) that many people – it’s a bit more manageable.

    Insta-mom – I know – but I just didn’t have time to get into it. That cat is quite the issue on my block. We think someone abandoned it since it’s obviously domestic (so sweet) and loves to be with people. Not sure what to do about it though since I can’t take it in (too many family members with bad allergies) and no one wants to send it to a shelter where it will probably be put to sleep… Ah life in suburbia – even the stray cats are friendly.

    Mike – I think Neil’s idea is nice as well. But more so for the thought that it involved. Maybe I should have made my “thing that I like” *Neil* and not the community aspect of blogging.

    Anastasia – You know what? You should write A BOOK about it! Oh

    bananablueberry – Let me know what you read. I am to the internet what other’s grandparents are to e-mail.

    Christy – Well you’re no help!

    Litte Grumpy Angel – Please do – my current title is awful.

    Neil – I think that there is ALWAYS a reason *not* to do something so there will always be good points made by the naysayers. It’s true – it’s impossible to acheive equality in ANY community. There will always be some that get more support/attention/etc. than others. But like I said in my comment for that particularly post of yours, I feel like I get more out of my small following because I really do have time to be in touch with them and not just skim through 100+ comments a day. You should definitly stop following 500 of your 600 (that would include me and I will not be offended in the least). The main point that I was making is that if people are at least trying to build community and support others that need it…well that’s a good thing. And it makes me happy to be part of that. And next Monday I’m DEFINITELY posting about shoes.

  8. EatPlayLove

    seriously, I have met the best people in the world! I didn’t hear the final figure for all the auctions combined, that’s amazing.

    One problem, I don’t twitter. But you’ll keep us posted, right?

  9. Kate Coveny Hood

    Connie – I missed your comment – sorry! I think you have the right priorities. And it’s better to have fewer more interesting posts than a daily report on potty training. And I’m REALLY looking forward to the next installment of The Connie Diaries. Now THAT’S good reading!

  10. Kate Coveny Hood

    Eat Play Love – Sorry – I missed you too. I feel like such a Twitter poser. I’m SO lame – rarely say anything and only check in once or twice a day to see if anyone has announced anything interesting. I’ll let you know if anything more comes of this.

  11. Gwen

    KATE – Monday Appetizer. You cant eat cake ALL week long. Sometimes you have to intro dessert with a small app. I would totally skip eatting the main course of most meals and be happy with a an appetizer and dessert. Or just dessert. Anyway…OR Monday Mini-Bite. Like and Amous Bouche for your blogging week. A little tidbit to make you want more. I’m not looking for a prize or anything :)


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