Nie Nie Silent Auction Update

It’s not too late to bid! My auctions will stay open until Monday, September 1 at 10 p.m. EST. Here are the highest bids so far:

Pinecone Hill Robe – $70

Arden B Coat – $70

Little Girl Necklaces – $20 & $7

Claire V. Bags – $55 & $45

Women’s Pendant Necklaces – $50, $30 & $25

So that’s $372 for Nie Nie! I think…Math is not my strong suit – and it’s late… But it’s still a lot of money to add to the fund. Let’s go for $400 – OR $500! Apparently I’m very ambitious when it comes to other people’s money.

Thank you again to all of you supporting these auctions!

One thought on “Nie Nie Silent Auction Update

  1. AnastasiaSpeaks

    Kate – I know I’ve said this before but it’s so great that you’re doing this! You’re a very kind and generous person.


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