Nie Nie Day Silent Auction Reminder and Brief Confession

Since I do not want my auctions to get lost under one of my typically long (yes – I KNOW they are long) posts, I’m not going to post again before the Monday, September 1 cut off at 10 p.m.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Nie Nie Day, you can read my post from Thursday to get further details on the Nielson family and all of the amazing auctions that are going on right now (there are over 300). Big thanks to Gabrielle Blair of for organizing this!

And here is my “Friday Confession” for this week. This morning I had ice cream for breakfast. The end.

I told you I was keeping it brief. Look for a post about the auction winners on Tuesday morning. Have a great holiday weekend!

4 thoughts on “Nie Nie Day Silent Auction Reminder and Brief Confession

  1. Anonymous

    Hehe. I had peanut butter crackers and caffeine. I always have the caffeine. Priorities, you know.

    – Kim

  2. EatPlayLove

    i’ve been considering giving the girls ice cream for dinner, just to see how my oldest daughter reacts.

    tonight might be the night.

    Good luck with the auction, what a wonderful gesture!

  3. Maggie, Dammit

    The weirdest thing is I thought, “What? SEPTEMBER?? That’s forever away!!”

    And then I looked at today’s date.


    This is a good thing you’re doing.


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